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Motionless Waterbed Mattresses with 95% Motion Reduction
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Queen 73″ 60×80″  $77.00ea

King 73″ 78×80”  $77.00ea

OR select a Queen or King Set

6" depth Hybrid Waterbed Liner
6″ depth using a 2″ foam riser

Motionless Tubes for Hybrid/Softsided

Individual motion reduced waterbed tubes for softsided-hybrid waterbeds with foam side rails.

Waterbed tubes specifically designed for 6″ depth softsided waterbeds using a 2″ foam riser under the liner that creates a 4″ depth “shallowfill”. Motion reduced movement head to foot. Eliminates side to side motion. Easier to place and remove. Fill level indicator on side for softer or firmer feel. Adjustable feel for individual sleepers.

Made with the finest quality PVC waterbed mattress material available, known as the “Ultimate Vinyl” for producing waterbed mattresses.

3 year Full Warranty on seams; 17 Year Prorated Warranty. Made in the USA.      Shipping Included in Canada.

8 tubes for queen * 11 tubes for king
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