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Complete Hybrid Softsided Water Beds

Complete Hybrid Beds include foam side rails, liner, top and bottom removable cover, platform base, waterbed mattress (with options), liner and heater.  Just get your garden hose ready to fill!


Solid and Sturdy- Upholstered Floating Pedestal Base

What is the Difference Between 6″ and 8″ Depth Hybrid-Softsided Waterbeds?

The height/depth of the foam sidewalls are either 6″ or 8″. Therefore the mattress fill height is also 6″ or 8″

Most popular is the 8″ depth because it is a standard depth for waterbeds, hardsided, wood frame beds are approx 8-9 inches in depth also.

The water mattress options for 8″ depth beds are 1 pc. mattress free flow full wave OR 1pc. waveless water mattress OR a SUPER waveless water mattress in a 1pc or 2pc dual.

Different options are available for a 6″ depth bed  because of the limited depth.  1pc free flow full wave water mattress,  OR  1pc semi-motionless water mattress  OR  2pc semi-motionless mattress is available. Another conversion option it individual tubes. Adding a 2″ foam under riser for a base in the cavity (reducing the height and creating a 4″ shallow-fill), free flow or motion reduced individual tubes can be placed in the cavity where full size mattress is normally placed.

The Tight-Top or Non-Pillowtop has a thick quilted zipper-off top with luxurious feeling top fabric. There is just a small amount of padding between you and the water mattress. The profile has a single beaded edge surrounding the mattress.

The Pillowtop has a slightly thicker quilted zipper off top with luxurious feeling top fabric. There is just a little bit more padding between you and the water mattress. The profile has a double bead surrounding the mattress, so the mattress has the appearance of having a pillow pad on the very top.

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